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2021 Reboot

At World's End was the second dream I ever made in Furcadia, and it's very close to my heart. You can read more about it and see a playthrough of the original Here.

As my dreamweaving skills widened, I tried several times to remake At World's End into the best it could be. I had some brilliant visions, but none of them were ever finished. None of them felt "right". They weren't the same. That's when I realized: Nobody likes reboots where everything is changed until it's not the same show anymore. That ruins it.

Instead, I was going to keep as close to the original idea as possible, make some improvements using what I know now, and upgrade the artwork!

Check out the Changelog to see all updates.

Walkthrough Video:

Coming when I feel like the new dream is "finished" enough to show.



APRIL #, 2021


  • Imported some of the graphics I made in a previous attempt at rebooting the dream. They were really impressive, why waste them?​

    • Lobby has been reshaped to accommodate new patches.​

    • Replaced entries and exits with the new cave graphic.


APRIL 1, 2021


  • Added more pathways from the center of the lobby to reach every door. Also evened it out.

  • Made the underground bigger. I realized the original dream hadn't used all of the allotted space.

  • Made the Summer area smaller. Let's be honest, it was WAY too big compared to the other areas.

  • Moved the map location of various "indoor" areas (this is a "backend" change, it won't appear any different in-game.)

  • Changed the "background" of "indoor" rooms from Black to Clouds. This is due to how Regions currently work, in that they only allow you to have one background for all regions.

  • Old trade room for crops and meat has been changed to an NPC.

    • Trade room now has a separate entrance than the Shop, but they're still connected. Now people who would have to build their dens further away won't be inconvenienced.​

    • Floor picker is now a whole Floor ROOM, and the paintbrush it gives you can copy any floor with F3.

    • Item Picker is now a lottery that will give you a random item. It could be from the Mushroom shop, any of the old trade items, or even a rare mushroom!

  • Used my modern DS skills to make randomized shops work more straightforwardly.

  • "Pick an Item" rooms from the Mushroom shop now have more room for more items. (I admit, the selection was quite boring)


  • Added teleport commands for the Underground and the Shop. Why didn't I do this before?

  • New !SetHome command. Now that the Underground is SO BIG, you can set a "Home" location and teleport back to it from anywhere.

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