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2010 Edition

At World's End was the second dream I ever made in Furcadia, and it's very close to my heart. This is where I experimented with advanced coding, and used everything I had learned so far to bring the heavenly world in my head to life.

This dream came about when I noticed several dreams I had adored from the past were now gone. Cirrus Star Rabbit Homes, The Rabbit's Burrow, and A Rabbit's Life all played into the inspiration for this dream. I added my own creative liberties of course, to turn this dream into everything I wanted.

At World's End was never my most popular dream, nor my best. But it was by far my favorite.

Walkthrough Video:

Original Website

At World's End originally had a Proboards forum as a website. And miraculously, as of 2021, it's still live!

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