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40x14 px "TAG" ICON | $7

These are used in the MMORPG, Furcadia as identifying tags in-game, hence the specific dimensions. They can be "Specitags" which appear next to a player's name in-game, or "Desctags" which appear in a player's profile when clicked.

These are strictly small-scale pixel art and are quick to make, not running such a hefty price.



Cartoon drawing of your character with a simple background (single color or pattern) or no background. May include color outlines and simple shading.

Options include:

  • Headshot/Bust

  • Full body drawing

  • 1x1 small-scale image for a profile picture

    • Background is included​

    • NO Animation


ADDITIONAL characters or poses in the same composition are an additional $20 Each.


These simple drawings are formatted in accordance with their intended use. Whether it be signage or a T-Shirt graphic, rest assured that the resolution will match the provided specifications and you will not end up with a blurry, pixelated, or distorted final print.

Pricing varies based on content:

  • Strictly Typography (NO Drawing) | $20

  • Drawn Graphic | $30

Printing services are Not Included. Client is responsible for choosing a third party service to have their products printed.

For large-scale commercially published merchandise, additional royalties may be negotiated.


HOURLY RATE | $20/hr

Long-term projects or items with a heavier workload cannot at face value be given a flat rate. These projects are charged at an hourly rate of $20 an hour.

Lobby Preview.png


These lifelike pieces are drawn in a more realistic or painterly style in contrast to my more cartoony artwork. These paintings can be formatted to any requested aspect ratio or resolution in accordance with their intended use.

Examples Include:

  • Detailed Backgrounds for $30 Character Art

  • Book Covers and Illustrations

  • Backgrounds and Scenery for Animation

  • 2D Digital game assets (items, scenery)

Depending on the complexity and expected duration of the project, a down payment of $30 up to $50 per drawing is required.


A popular commission for Furcadia players, this long-term project requires the creation of 20 individual frames (or sprites), meticulously crafted to make a smooth and believable playable avatar in the game.

Whether it be a modification of an official avatar, or an original creation from the ground up, this project averages 6-10 total hours of labor.

Estimate | $120-$200

A down payment of at least $50 is required.




While I may be hesitant to take on a whole feature film, I love to do short and simple traditional animations. This is a very long-term project where the completion time will vary based on the complexity and runtime of the final piece. This category also applies to portraits within the game, Furcadia if they contain animation.

For Furcadia portraits, or simple looping character animations, A down payment of at least $50 is required.


For film projects, down payment will be negotiated based on the complexity and runtime of the final piece, and commercial projects may require royalties.


By commissioning my skills, you must agree to the following conditions. I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason. Listed below are my baseline policies.

To request a commission, contact me through Email, Contact form, or send a message through my various social media. There, we can discuss details of the project and payment methods.


     Before starting the project, the client must send at least half of the total amount of a flat-rate price, OR the required down-payment price listed on hourly projects. Upon completion of the project, the remaining funds are due before the client may be sent the completed file. Invoices will be created for each project.


  • Paypal

  • CashApp

  • Venmo

  • Cash (In-person transaction only)


     I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason, but I will refuse to do works that I am morally opposed to. It is no secret that I am a Christian and I wish to keep a reputation of creating family-friendly media. Works I will refuse include but are not limited to:

  • Swear words or vulgar gestures/symbols.

  • Overtly anti-Christian imagery.

  • Sexual themes of any kind including fetishes, nudity, characters "making out", or overtly provocative apparel/poses.

    • If I suspect you are trying to weasel your way into making me create something fetish-related, I will refuse.​

  • Drug use beyond smoking of tobacco or drinking alcohol.


This list may be updated at any time the need arises.


     Once the project has started, I frequently show progress shots of the work and keep in constant contact to ensure it looks exactly how you want it throughout its creation. This ensures complete satisfaction in the end result with minimal rework.

     Please be honest! Significant rework that wasn't pointed out right away will result in an upcharge or count toward hourly time!


  • If you are completely unsatisfied with the work and it cannot be resolved to your satisfaction before I have moved past the sketch phase, I will issue a full refund.

  • If you claim dissatisfaction late in the project, past the point where it could be easily resolved, it will be taken as dishonesty and I will not refund the down payment.

  • Similarly, if you cancel the project for any reason other than dissatisfaction with my work, I will not refund the down payment and you may owe payment for any hourly wages that go beyond the down payment's worth.

  • Because I ensure satisfaction by keeping in frequent contact with the client throughout the process, please remain responsive as I will wait for approval before moving on. If the client remains unresponsive for 3 months and does not declare the project canceled or work out a resolution, the project will be considered Abandoned and the down payment will not be refunded.

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