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New vs. Old Animation Exercise

An "Animation Meme" is when a person creates an animation based on a song or movie clip, with an invitation to others to create their own animations to the same clip with a similar theme/dance/scene progression.

"You're Fully Articulated?" is a "meme" trending on TikTok using a clip from a Barbie movie. These iterations of the meme feature a character drawn in an imitation of the person's beginning skill level, meeting a version of the same character showing off the artist's current and improved skill level.

For my version of this trend, I used the very first character I ever animated. A cheetah I named "Luna". I was 13 when I started my first ever animated series in 2008.

My parents didn't believe children should be invested in, so I wasn't given access to real animation software. I used a combination of MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker on Windows XP.

I named the series "Wild Whiskers".

With it being summertime, I had enough time on my hands to pump out a new minute-long episode just about every other week. My friends recorded their lines by calling me on my landline phone while I held up my computer's Webcam mic to the speaker. The webcam mic was also how I recorded the music since I didn't have the equipment or know-how to get my music into the computer any other way.

Finally... because I wasn't allowed on the internet except for Email, I'd send the finished videos to my friend to upload to YouTube on my behalf.

My old channel WildWhiskers184 is still out there and still has these videos. I often wonder how much further along I'd be today if I'd had software like Flash or equipment like a Graphics Tablet back then.

This video was Animated in OpenToonz (and of course MS Paint)

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