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"Minesweeper" The Classic PC Game, in Furcadia!

Minesweeper was one of the computer games that came bundled in most famously with Windows 95 until Windows 7. While many played this game, few admit they understood how it worked.

In 2014, I made my own functioning version of Minesweeper, playable in the equally vintage MMORPG, Furcadia! My version functions almost exactly like the official Windows game, with some changes to make it immersive.

It lacks the functionality to clear large spaces at once like the Windows version due to game limitations, but mines spawn and accurately write numbers on the board, players can pick up flags to mark where they think mines are, and there are three levels of difficulty which will create a game with 10, 15, or 20 mines to clear at a time. The game even allows for multiple players. Just like the real game, it's a satisfying challenge to play. Even I have a hard time with it, and I made it!

Graphically, rather than trying to match the aesthetic of the original game, I aimed to match the aesthetic of Furcadia, making it feel like every asset of the game belonged beside the official graphics of Furcadia and wouldn't look out of place in an official map. Even after the game upgraded to 32-bit graphics, my Minesweeper game retains the classic feel.

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