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My First Dream

This was the first dream I ever made in Furcadia, where I first learned how to use the coding, and make my own assets. This mostly consisted of editing existing assets to match what I wanted. This was my training grounds.

The theme was based on the story of my Pirate character, The Shadow Rider. My friends and I had custom avatars of our characters (edited from the default player avatars) and places and objects from the story were present in the dream.

Unfortunately, I had a bad habit back then of deleting and throwing away old artwork that I thought was "bad". This dream was one of those. I never thought back then that I would look back at it fondly and wish I still had it. All that remains of it are a few screenshots.


This is the only surviving screenshot from the original dream while it was active.


Below are screenshots which were not from this dream, but contain snapshots of the original avatars which I made for it.

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