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If you are a long time player of Furcadia, you might think this dream strikes a chord of nostalgia for the long-gone dreams "Dog Pound" and "Dog Adoption Center". Well, that's because it's inspired by them!


Now don't be mistaken, it's by no means a copy of either of these dreams. I simply wanted to capture the aesthetic and things that I loved from these dreams, particularly from the 2007-08 era. These were some of the top hangouts in Allegria Island, and their disappearance was yet another bullet wound in Furcadia's population.


I may not have frequented these dreams myself in the later years, nor did I get involved in any of the drama within them. But I certainly loved them as a kid. I hope that this will bring back some of the charm of those olden days, even if it's not the same, and give new players a chance to experience it themselves.

Dream Rules:

  • This dream is rated T+ and behavior must not go above this rating.

    • Please avoid vulgar/sexual behavior. This dream is not in FurN and minors will be present.​

  • This dream is not strict RP, nor requiring you to be "realistic". Sparkledogs are welcome!

    • Please respect players/groups who may wish to roleplay under their own set of rules.

  • Drama is inevitable. Please remember that the dream owner/staff are not responsible for policing personal drama between players.

    • Consider avoiding political conversations. We aim to be an escape from the brutal real world.​

  • Harassment of staff or others in the dream is grounds for banishment. If you are being harrassed by another player, you can also report it to Furcadia staff. Don't forget the Silence Rule!

Repeatedly breaking these rules will result in Ejection or even Banishment from the dream.

Dream Credits:


  • Mortain and Swiftkill's wolves, with updates by Fara the Silverwolf.



  • Assets from Nightmare Hotel and the original Mystic Homes including artists Indigo Nightfall, Sophie Ryan, Meanstreak, and countless untraceable others.

  • Assets from Scrap City, including Indigo Nightfall, Talzehmir, Krindus, source on 3D items unknown.

  • Also includes patches by me (The Shadow Rider). See my Game Assets tab in my Portfolio for downloads of my patches.



The MIDIs used have been collected over decades, so the credits of the original translators have been long lost. However, the following list is of the song titles and their respective artists.

  • Entry Music: "Only Hope" - Switchfoot

  • M1: "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" - Eiffel 65

  • M2: "Around the World" - A Touch of Class

  • M3: "Butterfly" -

  • M4: "Hamsterdance" - Hampton the Hamster

  • M5: "Caramelldansen" - Caramella Girls

  • M6: "Don't Go breaking My Heart" - Elton John

  • M7: "Do as Infinity (Fukai Mori)" - Inuyasha


DEC 18, 2021

  • Winter update with snowy foliage! I apologize that it appears lazy. I didn't get the amount of time I wanted to work on it.

  • Fixed the lighting effects in the Racetrack.

SEPT 11, 2021

  • Fall update with autumn trees!

  • Decorated and opened the feral/wilderness area, including dens and two secret areas.

  • Finished and added my own custom tree patches (Free: Download Here).

  • Minor furniture changes.

  • Jukebox on rooftop can now play a variety of Early 2000's music. Also added entry music.

  • For Staff: An upload room for testing dreams, and a command to see the day's visitors.

JUNE 2, 2021

  • First grand opening!

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